Interior Design Trends Autumn 2017 : September is always a busy month for an interior designer as the Trade Shows loom and all the magazines post their predictions for the coming season. As a shop owner as well I need to absorb all these ideas and turn them into merchandise I think my customers and clients will enjoy. Continue reading →

Personally I can never have enough cushions, you might have noticed if you’ve ventured into my shop, and my house is just as bad.  I’ve got cushions I’ve had for years, they get revamped, restyled, put in different rooms and may eventually end up in the dogs’ beds,
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Witch & Watchman Designs

I almost kissed the postman when he brought me these cushions by Witch and Watchman!
A friend of mine tipped me off about this exciting new designer, Helen Z B Wilson, who he just happened to be having coffee with that day. Oh my goodness, as soon as I saw the images I was straight on the email to her ordering in some cushions! Continue reading →