So, all stripped out and raring to go!
Instantly I ground to a halt, hence “the plot thickens” – I had decided to start on the plumbing, which unfortunately coincided with the Water Board “losing” my water supply, even though I had been paying bills on the property for years and they could locate the meter, just not the pipes!  So as I had to install water pipes to the second cottage, they decided, in their infinite wisdom, that I should lay new pipes to the original cottage.  Of course they weren’t willing to pay anything towards their “loss” of pipework, why would they acknowledge they had “lost” pipes?  So, three sets of awkward neighbours and some tricky rights of way later, not forgetting the vast expense, we eventually had water supplied to the property. Joy!
Then came the electrics, thankfully very straightforward due to the very amenable Mr. Jason Sparrow.  Plumbing installed by Andy Sterling of ADW Gassave, Lymington, Hampshire, using white goods supplied by the lovely Alison from Interfit Designs in New Milton.  Now we are at the decorating stage, my favourite!!
I will post some pics soon.