My little shop, on Winchester’s Southgate Street, is a hidden gem filled to bursting with all things that I love, I never buy anything for the sake of trend or fashion therefore I can be totally genuine when selling. As an interior designer it was important to put my stamp on the building, so I created a backdrop that I also love. Continue reading →

Fabulous Canvases From Mineheart

A step away from Mineheart’s signature canvases which burst with colour, this new Gold Edition in black and white, with a touch of gold, have a vintage feel reminiscent of an old photograph. Their ornate frames are not as they seem but are in fact printed onto the canvases. Light as a feather to hang, they come in different sizes so please click on any image for more information. Continue reading →

Courtyard Cottages, two tiny cottages in Lymington have quite a story to tell.  Originally a group of grain store, sheds and a storage barn attached to a property fronting the High Street they later became one building configured in an L shape attached to a Listed building. Continue reading →

Recently, at the Paris fair, I found a wonderful family run company – always the best! – that quite blew me away by their pared down linens in beautiful earthy colours.  Somehow they make a stripe more relevant by it’s softness rather  than carefully drawn edges and they blur the line between masculine and feminine Continue reading →

The other day a Fairy came into my shop.  No honestly, don’t stop reading, it was a profound moment for me because although I’d always believed in them because I’d seen them flying through the woodland near my home, usually in the early morning or just before bedtime, I’d never actually met one.
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Colour plays such an important part in our life even if we are not really aware of it. Think of those cold grey days of winter, it’s not just the sun eventually coming out that makes the difference, it’s the effect the light has on everything around you that puts a spring in your step.

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