For many of us, pets are part of the family. They sleep inside, follow us from room to room, and some even guard the house from potential squirrelly intruders. So what do we do when all this activity causes their nails to start leaving scratches on the floor? Or when they bowl over their water dish in a desperate attempt to snatch the chicken you just dropped on the floor? Continue reading →

It’s all too easy when you run your own business to make the mistake of waking in the morning with a racing heart, thinking about all of the things you didn’t achieve yesterday, therefore over burdening the ever growing “List”, whose end seems further and further away. Continue reading →

The Swedish designer Nadja Wedin designs colourful fairy-tale patterns with a host of fine details. After graduating from art school in Stockholm and Birkagården she worked as a designer, artist and illustrator before setting up her own company Nadja Wedin Designs. Continue reading →

Personally I can never have enough cushions, you might have noticed if you’ve ventured into my shop, and my house is just as bad.  I’ve got cushions I’ve had for years, they get revamped, restyled, put in different rooms and may eventually end up in the dogs’ beds,
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