If you’re even a casual follower of my blog, you’ll know that my interior design philosophy often leans towards the classics. Recent entries have highlighted Gothic, Georgian, and other inspirations from centuries past that have stood the test of time.  Today I’m going to highlight something that’s more of decades rather than centuries in age-old inspiration, but immediately invokes a sense of nostalgia that would suit many modern homes. Continue reading →

Interior Design Trends Autumn 2017 : September is always a busy month for an interior designer as the Trade Shows loom and all the magazines post their predictions for the coming season. As a shop owner as well I need to absorb all these ideas and turn them into merchandise I think my customers and clients will enjoy. Continue reading →

I just LOVE Georgian architecture so was absolutely thrilled to come accross this blog on Desire To Inspire, (one of my favourite current reads and one you should definitely try) of this fabulous house in Spitalfields.  The Huguenot Physician’s House, as it is called, has been refurbished quite spectacularily by Chris Dyson Architects To read more about it check out their website, full of varied and interesting projects, but it is all too clear they also, like me, love Georgian. Continue reading →

The Swedish designer Nadja Wedin designs colourful fairy-tale patterns with a host of fine details. After graduating from art school in Stockholm and Birkagården she worked as a designer, artist and illustrator before setting up her own company Nadja Wedin Designs. Continue reading →

Personally I can never have enough cushions, you might have noticed if you’ve ventured into my shop, and my house is just as bad.  I’ve got cushions I’ve had for years, they get revamped, restyled, put in different rooms and may eventually end up in the dogs’ beds,
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Introducing Greetings Cards from Dippy egg.  There are cards, and then there are cards.  Some are intricate, some have silly or meaningful slogans, some are even profound.  The ones from Dippy egg are just pure and unadulterated fun, lots of very girlie images and ever so pretty frocks and then follow up notebooks to write your nonsense in.
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I’m just loving this tableware from Swedish company Sthal, so named from the initials of Susanna Theander and Helena Åkesson-Liedberg, the company’s owner/designers.  I almost fell off my perch with excitement when I saw them at this years’ Top Drawer exhibition and was doubly thrilled when they arrived in store this week looking every inch as lovely as when I saw them displayed at the fair. Continue reading →