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Wonki Ware – Etosha Dish in White

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Wonki Ware – Etosha Dish in White made from Stoneware

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Wonki Ware – Etosha Dish in White

Started in 1999 by Di Marshall as a means of keeping herself occupied on her South African farm while her kids were at school, Wonki Ware has grown into a global enterprise and presently employs 40 plus people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Exported all around the world, no two products are exactly the same, as one would expect from a brand called Wonki Ware, and the washes of colours have an elemental feel that must come directly from the vibrant spirit of Africa.

Fashionable, hardwearing, dishwasher safe and versatile, I particularly like Wonki Ware ceramics because the colours and styles blend so well they can be mixed or matched and the price is more than acceptable for an everyday dish. Prices £7.00 to £90.00

Handmade . Dishwasher Safe . Made from Stoneware