Mineheart Canvas Air


Mineheart Canvas Air, a portrait of a woman drinking from a large glass of purest swirling Air.



Mineheart Canvas Air, a canvas printed with a portait of a woman drinking from a large glass of purest swirling Air. Lighthearted and lightweight, this is easy to put up and brings style and humour to any room in the house.

The creators of Mineheart,  designers Brendan Young and Vanessa Battaglia “believe that the objects we surround ourselves with everyday should be more than just functional, they should be made of stories, love, art and poetry in order to meaningfully exist…”

Launched in 2010 by the founders of design consultancy Young & Battaglia, the company name Mineheart was inspired by the Shakespearian quote: “Mine eye and heart…” to symbolise their dual passions; love for tradition and eye for contemporary design which are combined in often surprising and delightful ways within the Mineheart collection.

Key to Mineheart’s ethos is the support of British design and manufacturing. Most Mineheart products are designed, made and assembled in the UK, this enables more control over production and quality, giving greater flexibility and the ability to offer custom made and bespoke pieces for clients. They are all made by passionate people, who love, live and breathe their craft.

In addition to designs by Young & Battaglia, the Mineheart range contains a range of work by other national and internationally recognised artists. This printed canvas features an artwork by artist Himitsuhana, inspired by the beautiful paintings of the Italian and Dutch renaissance. Reminiscent of classic Dutch Old Master paintings, this print is of a woman drinking from a large glass of purest swirling Air. Instead of oil paint, Himitsuhana uses the latest in photographic and digital techniques to create her artworks.

Small 810mm x 660mm x 40mm