Mind The Gap Wallpapers – Vintage Designs

Mind The Gap Wallpapers – Vintage Designs

Beautiful wallpaper designs inspired by all things vintage. Mind The Gap a new company from transylvania have captured the textures and shapes of bookcases and papers to make into fabulous wallpapers.

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Mind The Gap Wallpapers – Vintage Designs

Mind The Gap is a new brand of premium quality wallpapers from Transylvania. Quirky and innovative, they are passionate about using mixed mediums such as cotton, flax, paper, wood and glass and every single product is finished by hand. The designers have captured the shapes and colours of foliage and architecture and blended them with vintage or fantasy images to create a new and whimsical take on wallpaper. Their inspiration comes from everything that surrounds them in life: pictures, drawings,carnival, nature, stories and dreams. They discover and give birth to unique designs that aren’t found elsewhere and then mix them with contemporary models, old photographs or illustrations of ancient architecture and crockery. Because Mind the Gap venture away from the norm, no single design is what you expect and each one creates a talking point.
“We see art as eternal and for this our collections include a history of good taste, from classic transitional style, to modern or contemporary. Revive traditional concepts of modernism and with the addition of new models give life inspired by simple things. These are the concepts and principles that guide our daily inspiration that guides us in creating decorative objects and accessories”. – Mind The Gap

Mind The Gap is made in Transylvania

Measurements: Sold in a set of 3 rolls – each roll is 52cm W x 300cm L which covers 4.65m2

Material: Non-woven substrate.

Installation: Paste the wall method.


Credit: Mind The Gap Wallpapers – Vintage 

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