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Melodi Horne Lamp

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Melodi Horne Lamp with 18″ Linen Lampshade.



Melodi Horne Lamp with 18″ Linen Lampshade.

Athens born Melina Blaxland-Horne is the inspiration behind this label. Her concept is that a lampshade does not need to be neutral and simply functional but should be a statement piece in any given space, it has the power to create a mood, an ambiance and colour is of paramount importance. For Melodi Horne a lamp stand is seen as a lady who needs a stunning hat in order to shine from the crowd and what better way if she can have a gorgeous handbag to match

She likes to use bold, interesting colours and patterns for the lampshade linings, outer covers and cushions and the exciting range of linings, which always contrast or complement the outer fabric of the shades become an art form in themselves.  Not for her a pvc liner, instead a beautiful Irish Linen stretched diagonally to give a rich texture to the shade.

The base is handpainted in a matching or complimentary colour and the whole is made in the UK.

As a child, Melina was captivated by the different types of fabrics, patterns and colour that existed. She loved observing the work that went into patterns and objects of art. Her maternal great grand mother was a successful milliner and her grandmother Iro, inherited impressive sewing and knitting skills which became an important educational source for Melina during her early years. She was often encouraged by her grandmother to hand sew dresses for her dolls during play time and using various forms of artistic expression became a way of life. As a result Melina developed her own ideas and style which she uses imaginatively and uniquely in her designs today.

Market places, museums, nature, theatre sets, the world of fashion, have an important role to play when it comes to seeking out inspiration. Melina’s passion for travel allows her to visit different cultures and explore how they make use of colour and fabric. There is always much to discover but sometimes it is through ones own imagination and creativity that one makes the most profound discoveries. Both her husband and her daughter are among her toughest critics and greatest admirers. It’s a family affair!

Size – Base 18”, Top ring 12”, Height 12”

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