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Glow In A Dome Table Light By Ebb & Flow

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Glow In A Dome table light by Ebb & Flow in Deep blue, featuring an amazing glass dome with a filament bulb inside. The glass dome comes in many beautiful colours.



Glow In A Dome Table Light By Ebb & Flow in Deep Blue,  featuring a mouth-blown glass dome on a brass base. 

The glass dome comes in many beautiful colours and is at its best with a filament bulb rather than a plain one, although a plain will offer the same practicality, just less excitement!  Personanlly I love these lights because they do the job without having to be a huge statement or focal point.  I like them on a small table or windowsill next to a reading chair where they give out the most perfect ambient lighting while still allowing the reader to see the print!  And goes with out saying, they are very easy to snooze by……

Ebb & Flow designs and produces lighting along with functional and decorative objects. Using classic British and Nordic style as a starting point, combined with a passion for the basic materials glass, metal and textiles, the result is a style that infuses lighting and glass with a fine airy simplicity and a modern edge and depth of colour.

EBB & FLOW was founded by Susanne Nielsen, who has over 20 years experience in international trade, marketing and concept development within the textiles and home accessories industry. Based in London for many years, she returned to Denmark in 2009, bringing with her a passion for interior design and the beauty found in different countries’ culture and craft tradition.
The result was Who Found Otto, forerunner to EBB & FLOW, that specialised in vintage furniture and textiles. The company continues to build on its traditions of combining old with modern, celebrating unique enduring design.

Glow In A Dome Table Light By Ebb & Flow

H:23 x Dia: 18cm