Alfred, decorative Raven by ibride


The Ravens by ibride are a collection of six life-sized ravens, which assume different postures on your furniture.

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Alfred, decorative Raven by ibride

Alfred the Raven, by ibride, is one of a collection of six life-sized ravens, which assume different postures on your furniture. Ravens are known for their great intelligence and here they aspire to join you in your quest for knowledge as they sit enquiringly on your desk as you write or fly through the rafters as you muse.

French homeware brand iBride, meaning hybrid, was established in 1996 as the brainchild of designers Rachel and Benoit Convers, who together create truly unique home accessories inspired by Gothic design, Surrealism and Victorian portraiture. Throughout its collections over the years, ibride has created a distinct mythology, where the living penetrates each object, where each object conceals a great deal more than what it initially appears to be.

Since its creation, ibride has blossomed through a series of unique collections, where each and every object, the fruit of personal intuitions and convictions, embraces its own mythology. The latter is in fact a contemporary mythology, populated with images, encounters, travels, animals, and permeated with numerous references to the history of art itself. The concept of family ties, binding all their collections, is at the heart of their work, and is designed to instil a special emotional bond into the objects which surround us in our daily lives. Each new collection audaciously aims at asserting both these emotional bonds and their reputation as independent designers.

Colour : Gustav/Black
Material : High density fiberboard and polypropylene
Dimensions : H 40 x l 28 x W12 cm
Characteristics : Made in France – Flat delivered