Yummy stuff and gorgeous goodies

Scrummy things

Last Thursday I went to the members day summer BBQ at Limewood, New Forest. Although a member since it opened.

I can’t say that actually warranted me stuffing my face with gorgeous goodies while lounging in a big chair listening to the rather good band, as a very large moon appeared in the cloudless sky!

I tend to go for the rather more languorous exercise, like a few lengths in the pool followed by a long float in the hydro pool and maybe a sleep on the heated marble slab seat.  Of course, if it’s sunny I can take a lounger by the pool for the afternoon and  call up some of the many edible and quaffable  delights from the Raw & Cured bar.  All in all a fabulous time is had, but sadly I am getting neither slimmer nor fitter, just rounder!

By devious methods my fellow conspirators and I managed to round up three each of these utterly gorgeous, dreadfully decadent and totally scrumptious chocolatey things – and may I say it was the best dessert ever, quite spectacular.  I almost rolled down to the car park afterwards, thank goodness I didn’t have any more or I may never have stopped!

Anyway, lo and behold the recipe came through my mail today on the Club newsletter, so I thought I’d share it with you.  Now where did I put that coconut oil?

Recipe courtesy of Raw & Cured, Limewood Hotel

Gorgeous Goodies by Jane McIntyre