Tiles – Latest Additions from Ca'Pietra

Showcasing just a few of the new range of tiles from Ca’Pietra, one of my favourite tile companies to work with.  Reasonably priced, they offer plenty of scope for designing a high end look without the price tag of many of the other “designer” brands.  I found these latest additions to be really exciting and a little out on a limb from previous offerings.  For further information or for samples, please give me a mail or call.

Notre Dame Hand Painted Ceramic  by Ca’Pietra.

Each tile is carefully hand painted, giving an extra dimension of charm to this wall tile collection. The tiles work well mixed in a random effect or used singly in repeating patterns. Sold singly, from £7.50 per tile (50 tiles per square metre).

Spitalfields Retro Star Pattern  by Ca’Pietra

Inspired by Spitalfields, which sits between the City of London’s new money and the charm of the East End, this Collection offers the best of both worlds, a bit of rough with a lot of charm!  Both Retro Star and Toynbee are the same price and spec, also the much plainer but quite lovely Vintage, see below. The tiles are 45 x 45cm but they have a pre-scored line ready which can be grouted to give the appearance of four smaller tiles with much less work. Very clever idea!
Sold in packs of 5 at £48.00 per square metre (5 tiles per square metre).

Spitalfields Toynbee Pattern by Ca’Pietra

Spitalfields Vintage Field by Ca’Pietra

Weltzner Limestone Tumbled Brick, by Ca’Pietra

On another note altogether, my favourite flooring will always be natural stone and what could be more “now” than this lovely tumbled limestone brick in vintage shades of greys and beiges, with just the tiniest hint of a pinkish terracotta. Fabulous for any room in the house, I’d even put it in a bedroom, laid in a herringbone pattern, for that country chateau feel.