The Transylvanian Manor from Mind the Gap

Mind the Gap wallpaper

The Transylvanian Manor conjures up all things spooky and gothic, but in this case I’m talking about a collection of designs from Mind the Gap, a delicate and feminine collection, no ghouls or monsters at all. In fact the patterns are rather tame compared to some of their others, but the vibrancy of colour and exotic forms makes them just burst off the page.

Mind the Gap wallpaper

This one design, The Royal Garden, is an ode to the abundant gardens, picturesque forests and mountains surrounding Transylvania’s grand castles, where voluptuous flowers bloom, exotic birds swoop and wild animals wander undisturbed. They should know what they are talking about, after all, they are based in Transylvania so are a weeny bit familiar with it’s landscape.

One statement wall would be enough to bring a whiff of paradise into your home and it doesn’t have to be quite so manically arranged as in the pic, a simple bedhead or chic sofa up against it would allow the wallpaper to speak for itself.

This same pattern transfers brilliantly to velvet fabric, seen here covering a cute little sofa and chair, or adorning a bed.

Sofa, chair and bed

Above you can see it teams gloriously with the cushions and footstools in La Voliere Velvet and the lampshades in Yellow Garden – and of course the matching velvet cushions.

If the green is a bit too urgent for you, it also comes in a truly girlie pink, which is fabulous against soft creams and white, linens floating in the breeze and big squashy pale sofas – equally gorgeous with deep chocolates and black and sultry lighting.

Chinoiserie, also part of the Transylvanian Manor Collection, sits well with both the colours, as a velvet sofa against a Royal Garden Wall, or the Chinoiserie Coconut version wallpaper as a gentle background to either colour, with of course some cushions in the green Chinoiserie velvet.

All of the above are available through me, the furniture is made to a very high spec and is just soooo comfortable – there’s too much to put on my website, I’d never sleep, so please email me… for further information. As you most likely know by know I offer a full interior design service.

From left to right: Chinoiserie Coconut Wallpaper, Chinoiserie Velvet, Royal Garden Green velvet and Wallpaper, Royal Garden Pink velvet, La Voliere Velvet