The Pantone Colour of the Year

pantone colour of the year 2016

Pantone have released their colour of the year, for the first time a blending of two shades, Rose Quartz and Serenity.

Whilst very lovely I can’t see myself pairing them for interiors.  They remind me too much of the clothes my mum wore in the 60’s, translating wonderfully into soft cashmere sweaters and tweeds in winter and cool silk blouses and slacks for the summer, but I put those colours into a capsule within my memory and as a pair there they shall stay.  I have a picture of myself, aged eight, in a blue sweater made by a company called Tanya, in exactly the same shade as Serenity – the photo is in black and white but the colour is firmly etched in my mind.

Together I find them rather corporate, they could be a big sweeping logo and catch phrase for a national cosmetic dentistry company, or perhaps “Retirement Homes for the Active” with a couple resembling Stewart Granger and an ageing Doris Day on the front cover, with the same fabulous sideburns, twinkling eyes and waistlines.

But as individual colours I can envisage great combinations, and as a thoroughly pink girl I think that one will be my main choice. The January edition of Living etc shows Farrow and Ball have brought out a delicate shade of pink called Peignoir, see below , and already I’m dreaming of painting some cupboards in it with a naughty peak of Down Pipe once the doors open. But most of all I’d like to team it with small shocks of acid greens, deep purples, electric blues or startling white, therefore avoiding any sense of complacency.  I think, however, Peignoir’s greatest moment could be a marriage with those wonderful, subtle eau de nil and peachy tones of 1930’s satins and silks.  We’ll see.

Oh how I waffle.   But as an iterior designer it’s always exciting to see the new colour palettes at this time of year.  For some designers they become their annual Bible, but I prefer to be guided by my own personal colour spectrum, occasionally dipping in and out rather than being ruled by a current trend.

Pantone tells me that joined together Rose Quartz And Serenity reflect connection and wellness as well as a soothing sense of order and peace. I don’t know, I find the combination altogether too sickly for my taste.