Sofas by Timothy Oulton

Timothy Oulton sectional sofa

If you’re even a casual follower of my blog, you’ll know that my interior design philosophy often leans towards the classics. Recent entries have highlighted Gothic, Georgian, and other inspirations from centuries past that have stood the test of time.  Today I’m going to highlight something that’s more of decades rather than centuries in age-old inspiration, but immediately invokes a sense of nostalgia that would suit many modern homes. Timothy Oulton’s Shabby Sectional Sofa in Faded and Degraded finishes brings to mind the loungers that you’d find in opulent mid-century homes, representing a height of comfort and decadence that couldn’t otherwise be reached by a sofa. The reclined back and deep seat allows for maximum comfort in any position, whether it’s typical seating, lying down, or slouching in the deep backrest that just sucks you in.


Timothy’s work in creating this vintage sofa obviously comes from a place of nostalgic love, with the original leathers giving way to faded and degraded velvets – such an evocative description that certainly works; this sofa looks like it has serviced some Cold War era soirees, yet wouldn’t look out of place on the set of Mad Men.The patterns available are a mix of old and older, the Melting Paisley’s look combining semi-modern ink splashes that bring to mind a Jackson Pollock piece, with a Victorian texture. There are also Peat Smudge and Peeling Ceiling patterns that really drive home the vintage feel.

Peat Smudge and Peeling Ceiling patterns

Personally, the Persia in Decline pattern is my favorite, a sort of mosaic-like texture rather appropriate in the digital world, while evoking turn-of-the-century motifs that I’ve always felt could work in any home, see below for a mix of Industrial meets rustic, while hanging out with all that is Hollywood.

Oulton sectional sofa

Among Timothy Oulton’s other sectional sofa work, the shabby is definitely my top pick, though I’ve also seen others worthy of mention in their catalogue. Their Lux Sectional Sofa is a more conventional but rather elegant take on the vintage sofa concept, and anyone would be spoiled for choice with the fabrics.

Meanwhile, the Skye Sectional Sofa presents a case for minimalism, with clean, modern lines and a plain pattern and texture that represents a more laid-back, casual approach to interior design. The feather-wrapped cushions are a plus, too.

Skye Sectional Sofa

Back to classic, I do of course love the chesterfield in shimmering Siren Rose velvet – who couldn’t? A fully buttoned-up Chesterfield-style sofa with elegant contours and classic hand-tufting, the snaking curve at the front lends the Serpentine a softer, more feminine silhouette.

Buttoned up Chesterfield sofa

Handcrafted, and vintage. Two things that I definitely look forward to in any piece that decorates a home and Timothy Oulton’s work has nailed both down in an exceptional lineup that would make any client a happy camper.