Plas Curig Hostel

Plas Curig Dogs

“Are you crazy?”
That’s what we all said to my eldest daughter when she announced she was going to buy and old Youth Hostel in Snowdonia and turn it into a super, ultra comfortable hostel.  

Added to the fact that it was just about to have it’s last two stars taken off it, the building was damp and gloomy and the income was negligible, which did help when negotiating the purchase price.

Today marks the fourth anniversary of opening the doors to Plas Curig Hostel, awarded five stars in it’s first few months, becoming an internationally known destination and receiving rave reviews  across the media.   I was lucky enough to be asked to supply some fabrics and products, design and paint the shelves in the library and be generally on the back burner for brain-storming, sandwich making and drinking gin.  The down side was the freezing cold, the constant rain for the first three months, the hole in the bathroom floor which made visiting the loo rather precarious and sleeping on a mattress in the spare room surrounded by a towering mass of 50 10″ mattresses threatening to flatten me as I slept.  Not to mention the overpowering smell of wet dogs and some pretty unpleasant builders. The upside was the glorious countryside once the rain stopped and the knowledge that I was part of making a beautiful silk purse out of a very stinky old sow.

So HERE is a link to a blog Amy wrote after opening, which shows some great before and after shots.  It really only touches the tip of a very large iceberg, the whole refurbishment was a bit of a horror story, but the end result was worth it.  This type of project will always be difficult because grand schemes have to be dismissed in favour of realistic options when only charging £25 per bed, so the brief was tight and extremely challenging and even though she’s my daughter, she does need a pat on the back for seeing what was possible and having the guts to take the risk as it could so easily have ended in disaster.
The photo is of Daisy and Dilly, the Plas Curig Hostel dogs in the nearby woods during the Bluebell season.