In my excitement to buy these fabulous new journals, photo albums and cards I spied at the Home exhibition this year I overlooked the fact that I had nowhere to display them. Hence the panic when they arrived today…..AAAAAH, what to do?


“Panic not” I said to myself, “stay calm”. So in obeisance to the current trend of “up-cycling” I took a simple shelving unit, made of 18 mm ply, from my stockroom and amazingly it fitted perfectly onto the only spare wall space I had. But, close to a beautiful antique Indian closet it did look exactly what it was, a rather basic and utiitarian shelving unit. SO, with a little help from the wonderful chalk paint from Pure & Original I applied a quick coat – no priming, just slap it on! – then got my truly gorgeous and multi-talented other half to cut some strips from an off cut of Louise Bodie wallpaper – one of my favourite designers – and stick the panels onto the back of the unit. But it did look a little bit too “new”, so I took out my old faithful dark wax from the cubby hole under the stairs and in a few minutes it was “antiqued”. Such a quick and effective fix, and an efficient use of a dead space.

Bookcase storage

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