Mind The Gap – A Transylvanian Trilogy

A-Transylvanian-Trilogy -Mind-The-Gap

They say all good things come in threes, so I thought I’d round off this very odd year with a Transylvanian Trilogy of blogs about Mind The Gap. I started with selling their wallpapers but now, due to their prolific designing and huge popularity they have moved on to cushions, fabrics, furniture, wall art, lamp shades, even notebooks – so much that I just can’t keep up!

So I thought I’d write a little about these two very favourite patterns of mine from a small collection called Hippie Spirit, based on traditional Transylvanian images of folklore. As child of the hippie period myself it conjures up all the folksy patterns on kaftans, floaty frocks and gypsy tops, long hair and bare feet and a laissez faire attitude to life. My goodness, where did all that go, when did I meet the hurly burly and let go of freedom!!

A-Transylvanian-Trilogy -Mind-The-Gap

Transylvanian Folk Dark Wallpaper by Mind The Gap

This pattern is simply called Transylvanian Folk and comes in two colours, dark and light. The light one blends so well with soft linens and creamy painted furniture that can be shabby or elegant, either work well. I can see it in a summer sitting room or orangerie, surrounded by plants to bring out the green or in a bedroom, all white bar a sumptuous, soft red velvet bedspread. I imagine the dark in a wooden cabin with low ceilings and wooden floors strewn with mismatched rugs, very Bohemian, but easy to replicate with a bit of faux panelling, some dim lighting, heavily textured linens and an open fire. Probably with the addition of a big log box, a few axes and the owners dressed in peasant dress, just to lend an air of authenticity…..

Transylvanian Folk Light Wallpaper by Mind The Gap


This one below, Gypsy, is my all time favourite, I love it as a wallpaper  but also as fabric in the lovely heavy linen that Mind The Gap produce, fabulous for upholstery but also great as curtains where the pattern jumbles into a warm, gentle mix of colours. Never a person for yellow, this deep ochre with the soft reds makes my heart sing. I remember travelling around Transylvania and into Romania in my early twenties and staying in out of the way bed and breakfasts which had huge fluffy eiderdowns on the beds in fabrics just like these patterns. Getting up in the morning was always a trial!


Gypsy Wallpaper in Ochre by Mind The Gap


Gypsy Wallpaper in Anthracite by Mind The Gap

Mind The Gap wallpapers are very easy to use, the paste the wall method in itself is easier than the old fashioned paste to paper anyway, but this paper is thick and malleable, allowing plenty of time to butt the edges and get a good pattern match without risk of tearing (oh my gosh, do I remember that wood chip splitting just as you had it in the right place!!).  As the messiest of decorators, I get paint all over myself, but I don’t even bother to change when hanging this paper, it is so easy.  And to be helpful, the roll comes split into 3, so the pattern match is already dictated – it does mean there is some wastage unless the walls are 3 metres high, but I tend to use offcuts for the inside of cupboards, on shelves, around notebooks, pasted onto trays and varnished, wrapping presents….endless options!


I show a limited amount of Mind The Gap on my website – as I said, I can’t keep up – but can supply any of their products and you don’t need to worry about international shipping. For any help with your purchases or for any help with your general interior decor, please contact me here.

Photographs from Mind The Gap