Juice, Juicing and more Juice

You know, I keep reading about Juicing as if its a new phenomenon but I’ve been juicing, almost daily,  since1988.  I remember the date well, I was struggling with losing my baby weight.

A year and a half since my first was born I was exactly the same size as when I went down to theatre, minus her bodyweight, which was not good as I had put on excessive weight throughout a difficult pregnancy.  My diet had gone to pot and my energy levels were non existent, exacerbated by broken nights after the birth and an over-indulgence on chocolate and coffee to keep me going.  

I saw a demonstration for a Super Juicer in Harvey Nicks in the February of ’88 and from that moment on I was hooked.  I began with just fruit juices, mostly apple and melon and always plus a whole lemon, pith and all – I know now that is a highly calorific combination, but the effect on me was extraordinary.  I drank a pint first thing in the morning and another pint about noon and my need for coffee and chocolate completely disappeared, the sugar rush was dramatic, my skin cleared up, my hair grew and for the first time since the birth I felt good.  This was followed by exercise, swimming if I could or long walks with a buggy, neither of which had seemed possible in my fogged state of lethargy.  I found sensible eating came easily and the juice kept my blood sugar levels balanced so I no longer felt the dips and cravings I had felt before.  I actually lost 3 stone and felt better than I had in years – therefore, I am not quite sure why I got pregnant again (ah yes, I remember!), but the great thing was that I was able to keep my weight stable, I kept up the walking and I did an hour of yoga every day.  And I worked full time. 

Fast forward through the years, lots more books came out and I found myself experimenting with all kinds of juices, always with an apple base with a lemon or lime, as that keeps the cost down, pads out the juice and adds the sweetness.  But my staple is now more “green” as I use spinach or kale, celery, ginger, mint, cucumber, carrot, sometimes a beetroot instead of the carrot and I only have one pint as my breakfast. The celery can be a bit overpowering, but I started with that a few years ago when my trans glycerides were up and I read that celery was a great antidote for cholesterol – since then they have never been raised above the norm, so I’m sticking with it!  

For those that aren’t converted, try reading “the Juice Master : turbo-charge your life in 14 days” by Jason Vale as it gives a logical appraisal of the benefits of juice and sensible eating.  It’s not about “dieting” it’s about looking after your body and understanding what you are doing.  My first book was “Super Juice” by Michael van Straten, which is also very good but is just about juice, not food.  I also find that the Gwyneth Paltrow’s online magazine Goop carries a lot of great, healthy juice recipes, or if you live in Winchester just try popping into Rawberry at any time of day for one of their gorgeous juices, sit down or take away.