Growing Older

Growing older

Never a happy contemplation, growing older, but unfortunately one we can’t avoid, we race towards it with alarming speed. 

So at my yoga class tonight, whenmy hips were working totally to their own agenda and my frustration with my recalcitrant body was growing, I decided I needed to banish all negative thoughts from my life, plus a good deal of clutter.

I started with my bureau, that sacred space that is home to kids’ schoolwork through the years, Mother’s Day and celebratory cards, divorce papers, passports with cut off edges to mark the passing of my years,  my student union cards, my silver plate in recognition of a tennis tournament win and, astonishingly, some curtains from my Grannie’s house (that she left when I was 5) with all the hems cut off in a very ragged fashion. That one made me ponder for a while.  Of course all my Elvis calendars will be remaining, despite the room they take up as I have the official as well as the unofficial ones, but I have drawn the line at my collection of Woman’s Owns’ from the 1940’s whose edges have mostly stuck together through their years of neglect.  Well, maybe.

So, imagine my delight when I came across this gem of a birthday card from my sister, sent on one of my “important” birthdays. It made me laugh so much I almost ……. oops, mustn’t think like that, the day will come soon enough!  So now, instead of feeling bad about growing older I am going to rejoice in the fact that not only do I get into the cinema and on a train for a vastly reduced price, I will actually be able to sneeze and pee at the same time without even trying.  How’s that for progress!
The card is credited to fabulous card artist David Blake.