Greenery Ideas

Greenery is still a major player in colour schemes this year and fabric and paint houses seem to have embraced it with alarming gusto. I’ve been encouraged by Douglas Elliman’s Florida real estate team to express my ideas on how to make use of this shade within my own home.  I’m still in the camp that wants it in the chorus line rather than centre stage and to that effect I’ve done a couple of inspiration boards and an actual mood board with products available in my shop.  I can’t help myself in preferring Greenery against a dark background, thus adding a vibrant pop of colour to a timeless scheme, but just to show I can also “do” pale I’ve added a rather sweet inspiration board featuring gentle florals against a pale backround.
The dress was the focus of this board, I just love it – and the photographic genius of setting this in a misty backdrop creates a Gothic, sensual image.  Who is she running from?  Should we be scared?  Or is she just teasing?  Look at the way the tulle morphs from zingy “greenery” to the darkest hues in the shadows, only to change, I expect, as she steps forward.  Acres of tulle, a real fairytale.

Here’s my pretty floral, courtesy of the wonderful Boeme fabric Wild Orchid.  What a way to spend a lazy Summer day, lounging against soft linen cushions under a  canopy of beautiful florals and perhaps sipping tea from the equally beautiful Sthal Ceramics, happily very close to “Greenery”.

This board features another fabulous Boeme fabric, Cayos, in all its absolute chaos of colours (sorry!) along with the darker inset of Ramello velvet.  Just fabulous with the Melodi Horne lamp, hand painted to match the lovely Irish Linen shade and of course as perfect a match to “Greenery” as we could get.

My choice for a scheme featuring a subtle hint of “Greenery” would be the gorgeous Cayos as blinds, curtains or even a bespoke screen – I’ve also used this fabric for a sumptuous take on very high backed library chairs, it works brilliantly for upholstery.  I’ve toned it down with a dark, Forest Green velvet sofa, a deep, chalky paint from Pure & Original, Holland and some equally dark and rather grand pieces of furniture.  The Pop is in the cushion, silk of course, from Luxe & Bloom, the afore -mentioned lamp from Melodi Horne and my usual vast amount of faux flowers to soften the overall look.  If it was for me, I’d have a dark stained oak floor with lots of different rugs on the floor, but I expect most people would prefer a more civilised carpet – this one, from Crucial Trading, can be fitted in total as a carpet, or made into a rug of any size (better!).  The round mirror has an aged bronze surround and is a cheeky addition from Ateliers C & S Davoy.

There you have it, my take on Greenery although I confess to perferring it when it comes from Nature’s own hands when it is at it’s most perfect!  The featured products are available from the shop and the beautiful Boeme has now reached out and is available over the pond in the US as well as various countries in Europe.