Fur or Against

In the May 2014 edition of Compass magazine, the editor posed the question “Fur or Against” and came up with a rather watered down argument.  I am anti fur, but I don’t force my opinion on others, I just ask that the correct information is offered so people can make their own informed decision. Follow the link to read the article –http://edition.pagesuite-professional.co.uk//launch.aspx?eid=7f8ca069-b158-45e4-9c6a-3d072e1e140d

This is my reply to the editor:- Having just read your article, FUR OR AGAINST?,  I notice that your sub heading  “ Is fur the most natural way to keep warm, or simply the needless slaughter of innocent animals? ” doesn’t actually mention anything about the “needless slaughter”, so here are a few comments in support of those “innocent animals”.

“People kill animals for food, so why does it matter that people are killing them for clothes?  Isn’t it perfectly sensible as all you are doing is utilising the whole animal”.  How does that hold sway when we don’t eat coyote, tiger, bear, beaver, fox, bobcat, leopard, mink and more.  They are all either trapped in a barbaric fashion –  left for days in pain before they are killed  by a club to the head – and the lucky ones are shot after a hunt that often leaves their young alone and defenceless.  I think your article missed entirely the pain and suffering that the animals endure for the sake of fashion – the ones that are bred into captivity for the sake of fur, kept in cramped cages and stinking conditions until they are old enough to be killed by anal electrocution, held by the tail in terror while clamps are put in their mouth and body and a large electric tube is shoved up their bottom.  Sometimes they miss as the animals wriggle, causing many electric shocks until death occurs.  Very often they are still alive while they are skinned.  All the while the other animals look on, terrified by the screams and smell of blood.  This is one small article that you may like to read, there are many, many more graphic ones if you wish to go further. http://www.peta.org/issues/animals-used-for-clothing/fur/fur-farms/

“Fur is a sustainable and renewable resource and one which many different peoples around the world rely on to continue to exist for clothing and warmth” – Come on, how many people rely on fur to keep warm?  Who minds an Eskimo wearing fur when it is needed for survival, or outer Mongolia in the winter?  Slightly different to a person wearing a fur coat for status and fashion when it is so absolutely unnecessary in our centrally heated, cosmopolitan and informed world.  And yes, of course it is sustainable and renewal as long as there is reproduction, which without the veterinary support costs the breeders absolutely nothing!

I think given the opportunity of journalism it would be only fair to offer two sides to this story.