Elgars Cottages: How to pretend space isn't an issue.

The sleeping area in this cottage in Lymington is minute, large enough to squeeze a double bed and two tiny bedside cabinets into but not enough space to walk around it. So my solution is to put a king size mattress into a built in “sleeping zone” with storage under – nothing revolutionary there, except that I am using big, thick scaffolding planks and an overall “chunky” look to defy the cramped condition.
The lack of bedside cabinets is dealt with by building shelving either side of the pillow area which not only house the ubiquitous cups of liquid, books, phone charger etc but create a wrap-around headboard for extra privacy.  The mattress is a fat ten inches, plus its feather topper, duvet and pile of blankets and cushions, so I am hoping for a luxurious slant to my very weeny space.  This was the first days effort, I’ll be back with some “after” pictures.