Colour Schemes

Bella Notte Linens

It’s always a pleasure to play around with colour schemes and what better canvas than Bella Notte Linens with their subtle nuances of colour, style and texture.  In this picture there is a riot of texture, soft silky velvets butting up to sturdy linens with the added touch of beautiful lace Olivia and the latest faux silk fabric, Josephine, made from Bemberg.  No, I’d never heard of bemberg either;  apparently it’s made from cotton linter, which is the short, downy fibre that enfolds cotton seeds and once spun it becomes the softest of fabrics, cool in summer and warm in winter and infinitely more comfortable than cotton.  It looks sumptuous and lends itself to the embroideries which adorn it, yet it is still washable, amazing!

The background of the eclectic Elli Popp wallpaper makes this room-scape zing, but it could easily be complimented by my most favourite of paints, Pure & Original from Holland.  The rich chalkiness and dense pigmentation of this paint make it a perfect partner for Bella Notte, the two work brilliantly together, richness and softness combined.

I had some fun choosing the colours to compliment the room set, but there are plenty of less dramatic options in the paint card and a more subtle approach could be found in the palest off whites and gentle greys with a whiff of velvety grey.