Bathroom inspiration

Bathroom inspiration


I’m looking for bathroom inspiration for a very tiny and very cute cottage I’m working on in the New Forest – and with this picture I think it’s just fallen into place.

The bathroom itself is small with a low ceiling, just enough height for a 6ft person, anyone else will have to duck!  One wall is almost taken up with a window and the stairs to the upper floor cut into the ceiling and despite the window, the incoming light is pretty negligible.  Murky springs to mind and I have to admit to loving a bit of murk in the right place, in this case an ancient space within an ancient forest, perfect.


So I’m loving this look, with the roughly plastered wall offsetting the fabulous tin bath – I have just the one in the shop, from William Holland, but mine has the brushed nickel taps so I think I’ll opt for them in bronze , which instantly looks more aged.  And I’ll use my Pure and Original chalky paint from Holland in Courtly Rose, a colour I’ve not yet tried so that makes it doubly exciting!


Courtly Rose

Then the other day, when I was clearing out at home, I came across my Grannie’s stash of linens with finely stitched cotton lace edges and drawn thread-work which will be just perfect for the windows.  They are a bit stained in parts, but are quite robust so I’m going to take advice from my housekeeping guru Christina Strutt of Cabbages and Roses and put some white vinegar in the washing water – her Guide to Natural Housekeeping is amazing, worth the purchase if you don’t already have it.

Mmm, I may not go into work tomorrow, instead I’ll search for floor tiles – I’ve a few odd bods lurking in the shed that would do a treat for the sink splash-back.