A Mood Board inspired by Colette Bed Linen

Bella Notte linens

What is it about these beautiful linens that so inspire me?  I fall for their womanly wiles every time!  This particular ensemble is my favourite as it encompasses all aspects of Bella Notte,

from the simplest linen bed skirt (or Dust Ruffle, as they so aptly call it,) to a flowing concoction of silk and chiffon that is Valentina – see her as the comforter and the squishiest deluxe size pillow in the latest Heirloom Rose colour and as a delicate kidney pillow in calming Pebble.

But for me Colette ties it all together, she is frivoulous in her shining satin, embossed in tiny flowers in the quite gorgeous Powder, which shimmers through with gold and reverses beautifully under the Pebble linen sheet with an old fashioned crochet lace edging, straight out of Grandma’s attic! Of course the icing on the cake has to be the casual placing of the oh so sumptuous embroidered velvet pillowcase in French Grey, not an obvious choice for the faint hearted but one which gives it the Marque of a Bella “Production”.

How well then do these colours co-operate with Pure & Original, those masters of  sensuous and sultry colours with their velvety chalk paint.  They have all the depth of the antique shades by Bella, they never presume to dominate and are more than happy to create a backdrop for the rest of the story – perfect bed partners I would say!