Greenery is still a major player in colour schemes this year and fabric and paint houses seem to have embraced it with alarming gusto. I’ve been encouraged by Douglas Elliman’s Florida real estate team to express my ideas on how to make use of this shade within my own home.  I’m still in the camp that wants it in the chorus line rather than centre stage and to that effect I’ve done a couple of inspiration boards and an actual mood board with products available in my shop.  Continue reading →

It’s all too easy when you run your own business to make the mistake of waking in the morning with a racing heart, thinking about all of the things you didn’t achieve yesterday, therefore over burdening the ever growing “List”, whose end seems further and further away. Continue reading →

Fabulous Canvases From Mineheart

A step away from Mineheart’s signature canvases which burst with colour, this new Gold Edition in black and white, with a touch of gold, have a vintage feel reminiscent of an old photograph. Their ornate frames are not as they seem but are in fact printed onto the canvases. Light as a feather to hang, they come in different sizes so please click on any image for more information. Continue reading →

For those of you that have been following me on Instagram you’ll notice there has been tons of green creeping into my posts.  What a joy, therefore, to read in all the colour predictions for this coming year that green is making a big statement and knocking loudly on the door of our old chum grey,who’s beeen keeping us company for some time.

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