If you’re even a casual follower of my blog, you’ll know that my interior design philosophy often leans towards the classics. Recent entries have highlighted Gothic, Georgian, and other inspirations from centuries past that have stood the test of time.  Today I’m going to highlight something that’s more of decades rather than centuries in age-old inspiration, but immediately invokes a sense of nostalgia that would suit many modern homes. Continue reading →

This blog is much later coming than expected, for which I must send apologies. Same old story I’m afraid, that nasty autumn cold you get when the temperature changes and the germs just burrow in with a cough that leaves you sleepless. All I want to do in those situations – and did – is curl up by the fire with a large whisky and feel sorry for myself, Continue reading →

Interior Design Trends Autumn 2017 : September is always a busy month for an interior designer as the Trade Shows loom and all the magazines post their predictions for the coming season. As a shop owner as well I need to absorb all these ideas and turn them into merchandise I think my customers and clients will enjoy. Continue reading →

My little shop, on Winchester’s Southgate Street, is a hidden gem filled to bursting with all things that I love, I never buy anything for the sake of trend or fashion therefore I can be totally genuine when selling. As an interior designer it was important to put my stamp on the building, so I created a backdrop that I also love. Continue reading →

Showcasing just a few of the new range of tiles from Ca’Pietra, one of my favourite tile companies to work with.  Reasonably priced, they offer plenty of scope for designing a high end look without the price tag of many of the other “designer” brands.  I found these latest additions to be really exciting and a little out on a limb from previous offerings.  For further information or for samples, please give me a mail or call. Continue reading →

For many of us, pets are part of the family. They sleep inside, follow us from room to room, and some even guard the house from potential squirrelly intruders. So what do we do when all this activity causes their nails to start leaving scratches on the floor? Or when they bowl over their water dish in a desperate attempt to snatch the chicken you just dropped on the floor? Continue reading →

I just LOVE Georgian architecture so was absolutely thrilled to come accross this blog on Desire To Inspire, (one of my favourite current reads and one you should definitely try) of this fabulous house in Spitalfields.  The Huguenot Physician’s House, as it is called, has been refurbished quite spectacularily by Chris Dyson Architects To read more about it check out their website, full of varied and interesting projects, but it is all too clear they also, like me, love Georgian. Continue reading →

Greenery is still a major player in colour schemes this year and fabric and paint houses seem to have embraced it with alarming gusto. I’ve been encouraged by Douglas Elliman’s Florida real estate team to express my ideas on how to make use of this shade within my own home.  I’m still in the camp that wants it in the chorus line rather than centre stage and to that effect I’ve done a couple of inspiration boards and an actual mood board with products available in my shop.  Continue reading →

It’s all too easy when you run your own business to make the mistake of waking in the morning with a racing heart, thinking about all of the things you didn’t achieve yesterday, therefore over burdening the ever growing “List”, whose end seems further and further away. Continue reading →