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Interior design


Are you tired of people walking into your house and not going "Wow"?
Do you have a business that needs revamping, a hotel in need of refurbishment, a bar or restaurant needing a complete interior design service?
Are you sick of muddling along through mess and disorganisation?
Can't you face the thought of applying for planning permission and building regulations?
Are you in despair at the thought of dealing with hairy builders and their bottoms?
Can you just not find the time?

I can help you with all of the above. I can do as little or as much as you want.

I can find and deal with architects, surveyors, builders, decorators and landscapers. I can project manage. I can source furniture, furnishings and fittings or work around your own. I can also work without architects, using my design ideas and basic drawing skills to work through room layouts with you until a desired plan is arrived at.

If you are too busy I can clear the rooms in readiness for building or decorating, I can organise trips to tips and charity shops with clearance items, I can ruthlessly clear or arrange your attics and drawers to give you more space and organisation.


A home has many guises, it can be a haven you come home to after a busy day, it can be a platform for your entertaining, it can be your workplace as well as a space for a growing family, it can be a place you want to enjoy and invest a lot of time and effort into or it can be just a place to rest your head. All these questions I will ask you, along with your favourite colours, your preferred lighting, do you lay or sit to watch tele, do you in fact have a tele and if you do can it be seen or must it be hidden? Do you choose form over function, or is function of paramount importance? Do your pets, if you have them, jump on beds and sofas so we need to think of durable fabrics, or are they delegated to their own pad, which may also need designing and integrating into the home. Do you want a super duper designer kitchen to cook up fantastic feasts or do you go out to eat and want a kitchen that services the basic needs to survive. How many of you have to pass the fridge on the way out in the morning, is there enough space for you to do toast and homework at the same time as ironing the forgotten uniform. Do you shower together or is he banished to the guest bathroom.

Whatever I can ask you at this first, free consultation helps me understand you and your needs and from that I can come up with a scheme. I don't push my style onto you, I ask you to push your personality towards me so I can surmise the most appropriate way to help you. My aim is to make your home or your workplace into what you want it to be, not what a fashion trend tells you it should be.